Saving a SMALL amount soon builds up to a large amount.

The company operates in two main areas :

  1.  Investment in projects with low risk ,base on economic feasibility in different domains such: agriculture, industry and services in Arab Countries.
  2. Providing banking and financial services for institutions in  both public and private sector ,inside and outside the Arab countries.

JM Investment, a British joint stock company, was established in the mid 2008 and owned by Arab investors. The main purpose of the company as defined by its founding contract is the investment of funds with the aim of developing resources by contributing to the investment projects in various sectors such ,the agriculture,industry, trade,transportation and services on economic and commercial bases by providing support to the economic development. The Company has all the guarantees and privileges guaranteed by the applicable investment laws in contributing countries, including ensuring full freedom of movement of funds and non-subjection to nationalization and confiscation


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