Players Agencies


Upgrade The Marketing Services


JM Sport as a sport service seeks to upgrade the marketing services of the players. It has the task of shifting from individual work and personal diligence to marketing and providing suitable opportunities.






For professionalism both for local players or professionals in the clubs of Europe, Gulf, Arab countries work according to an integrated working group that cares about all the players.



Contracting Parties


The company provides the appropriate offer to the contracting parties “player club”, submit a full report about the player powered by modern videos, follow the players’ journey with the club and update their profile periodically. Besides, the company provide solutions in the event of a dispute between the player and the club.


We are delighted to help you make the right offer in all the world’s clubs.


Sports Camps


JM Sport service is ready to provide the right sports camp for your team at all sports, all age groups and first division teams and organize the best hotels for accommodation and high training grounds with a quality in any Gulf, Arab and European countries.

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